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I am having trouble fitting batteries

This problem can be caused by size and shape variation in battery brands. It appears to mainly affect Energizer-brand batteries. If possible, please try Duracell or Toys"R"Us-brand alkaline batteries, which are known to be a good fit.

It is possible for the ribbon in the battery compartment to become caught between the battery contacts, so if you are not using Energizer and still have this problem, please try inserting the batteries without putting the ribbon underneath.

Although it may seem obvious, make sure that each battery is inserted in the correct orientation, with the negative terminal of the battery making contact with the spring.

My Keepon does not seem to have any power

Please read “I am having trouble fitting batteries” above. If My Keepon still doesn't start, ensure that the switch next to the battery compartment is in the "on" position and that you are using a new set of batteries.

My Keepon does not seem to be dancing right

We have created a video tutorial which explains how My Keepon dances. Please ensure you have watched it before continuing.

First we’ll explain what My Keepon should do when working correctly.


Pauses are normal and necessary for My Keepon to listen to your music, analyze it, and figure out how he should dance!

When switched to Dance mode, My Keepon will tilt his head to the side, listen for 6 seconds, and then tilt the other way and listen for another 6 seconds. He will do this 4 times, and then do a short (12 seconds) slow dance, before listening again 5 times for 6 second periods. The sequence My Keepon follows is below.

  • Listen 1 (6 sec)
  • Listen 2 (6 sec)
  • Listen 3 (6 sec)
  • Listen 4 (6 sec)
  • Slow dance (12 sec)
  • Listen 5 (6 sec)
  • Listen 6 (6 sec)
  • Listen 7 (6 sec)
  • Listen 8 (6 sec)
  • Listen 9 (6 sec)
  • Go to Sleep

IF MY KEEPON DETECTS MUSIC while he is listening, he will start dancing as soon as he has picked up the information he needs. This could be after as little as 1 or 2 seconds of listening if the music is easy for My Keepon to analyze, or it could take longer if it is harder to get the information he needs from the music.

IF MY KEEPON DOES NOT DETECT MUSIC he will go to sleep after doing the above sequence (after a total of 68 seconds in listening mode).

To help to identify if there are any faults in the product, please carry out the following checks.

Between each of the following tests, put My Keepon to sleep by pressing both mode buttons at once, then wake him up in Dance mode by pressing the Dance mode button. Wait until My Keepon finishes his start up sequence and tilts his head to start listening, then do the following:

  • Try tapping a beat on his head. If My Keepon starts dancing, this shows that the Dance Mode software is working properly.
  • In a quiet setting, try tapping a simple and steady beat on the base unit, or directly on his nose with a pen or similar hard object. If My Keepon starts dancing in time, the microphone is connected and working. If there is no response to this, there is likely a fault with the microphone.
  • If My Keepon dances well to a simple beat tapped on the nose or base unit, try playing music. If he dances, but the dancing is slower than you think it should be, there are two possible reasons:

    • There is too much background or interfering noise in relation to the volume of music that My Keepon is listening to. Please note that sounds that we grow accustomed to and become unaware of (such as white noise from A/C units) can contain sounds and harmonics that might interfere with My Keepon's ability to analyze music. Try moving My Keepon to a more quiet location away from noisesthat may cause interference.
    • The device playing music may be too quiet or not have enough bass response for My Keepon to detect the tempo accurately. Try moving My Keepon closer to the music source or increasing the volume or bass.

Hopefully you now fully understand how My Keepon should dance and will see that your unit is working properly. However, if you still have a problem that hasn’t been answered in this guide, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Why is My Keepon making repeated BEEP noises?

Occasionally My Keepon may get stuck in one position, and the beeping noise you hear is warning. If this happens, put My Keepon to sleep by pressing both the Dance and Touch buttons at the same time so that he
returns to the home position. He should be sitting up right and facing forwards.

If My Keepon doesn’t return to the home position when in sleep mode, switch the unit off at the base and try to manually re-center him with a light amount of force. Then switch My Keepon back on, and he should enter the start-up sequence, which ends in three bounces

My Keepon will not move on from start-up mode. It continues a cycle of moving from side to side making three beeps, shortly followed by three rings, this does not stop unless you turn it off.

This is a symptom of depleted batteries.

When My Keepon is switched on, or woken from sleep, it enters a start-up routine. At one point during this routine all motors are running, and a sound is played. At this point My Keepon attempts to draw the maximum required current from the batteries.

If the batteries have been used previously, and have become partially depleted, this may cause My Keepon to lose power at this point, which will cause the unit to re-set. This looks like My Keepon is stuck in a looped behaviour & can only be stopped by switching the power off.

To fix this issue, please ensure that you replace the batteries with a brand new & previously unused set of good quality alkaline batteries. Using a power adapater with the correct voltage & current will also prevent this issue arising.