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What power adapter can I use?

My Keepon has a socket at the back of the base which is suitable for connecting a 12V DC, 1.5A power adapter with 3.5mm OD/1.2mm ID mini plug.

The following Power Adapters are rated at 12V and between 1.2 - 1.3 A, but have been tested & will work with My Keepon.

In the USA you can purchase from Target, Amazon or Fry's.
FRYS: Here

In the UK the adapter is available from Maplin.

How can I clean My Keepon?

The best way to clean My Keepon is to gently wipe the surface using a damp cloth and mild soap.

Some wet wipes are also suitable, as is antiseptic hand wash gel.

Do not use any corrosive cleaning solutions or fluids.

You can also use a lint roller or sticky tape to remove any small particles on the surface of the skin.

What is the difference between My Keepon & Keepon Pro?

My Keepon is the toy version of a research robot, Keepon Pro, developed by BeatBots (

Keepon Pro is used in research with children, including those with developmental disorders such as autism. In these settings, Keepon Pro is tethered to a computer, and an adult (a researcher or therapist)
controls the robot during interactions with children in the playroom. Cameras and a microphone convey information to the human who intelligently guides the robot's behaviors. Furthermore, when dancing, Keepon Pro's beat detection is powered by a standard computer processor.

My Keepon, on the other hand, is designed as an entertaining, standalone robotic toy. Like Keepon Pro, My Keepon has a microphone in the nose, but instead of cameras for a human operator, My Keepon
has touch sensors for physical interaction. And My Keepon's behavior and audio processing are all driven by on-board processors. Although these processors are not as powerful as those found in your standard
computer, we believe that My Keepon has the most sophisticated audio analysis and dancing behavior ever available in a robotic toy under $50.

Because it is completely self-contained and autonomous, My Keepon needs to pause momentarily while dancing to listen to and analyze music without the interference of motor noise. My Keepon analyzes a
variety of audio parameters and then dance appropriately to the tempo. My Keepon has a variety of different dance patterns and randomizes their combinations, so every dance is unique!

A comparison of the technical aspects of My Keepon vs. Keepon Pro is presented in the table below.

My Keepon Keepon Pro
Sensors Microphone in the nose, four touch sensors around the body and one atop the head Camera in each eye, microphone in the nose
Actuators Three toy-grade DC motors Four industrial-grade DC motors
Mechanism Injection-molded plastic Precision-machined aluminum
Skin Thermoplastic elastomer
Silicone rubber
Motor Control Microprocessor in the stage
Microprocessor in the stage
Behavior Control Microprocessor in the stage External computer tether
Sensor Processing Microprocessor in the stage
External computer tether

Have you got a download of the Instruction Manual?

You can view the manual as a PDF online here
You can download the PDF manual in a zip file here

If you have problems viewing the file please make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed from here

I know a child with autism and I was considering buying a My Keepon for him. Is the toy suitable for children with autism?

My Keepon is a toy version of a research robot, Keepon Pro, which is being used by scientists to interact with children in therapeutic and research settings.  Keepon Pro has cameras in its eyes and is controlled from another room by an expert operator who responds to children's social engagement with the robot.

The My Keepon toy retains some of the qualities that make Keepon Pro a useful tool in autism research: a simple appearance, uncomplicated behaviors, and tactile appeal.  However, My Keepon is not specifically designed for children with special needs or as an aid in autism therapy.  As a standalone toy, My Keepon is meant to be an entertaining companion rather than a mediating tool for interaction between children and therapists.

That said, we are passionate about Keepon's research origins, and we are committing a portion of all My Keepon sales to fund further research into the use of robots like Keepon Pro in therapeutic contexts.  If you are interested in the research that Keepon Pro has been involved in, please visit

Is this a copy of Zingy from the EDF ad?

My Keepon was developed in conjunction with Beatbots, and was based on a robot that Beatbots had previously developed called 'Keepon Pro'. Although Keepon Pro is a highly sophisticated research robot, we worked together to emulate much of its behaviour, including its dance moves, in the toy My Keepon. Beatbots have since worked with the energy company, EDF, to create a new character called 'Zingy', which is also based on the Keepon Pro robot mechanism.