My Keepon News

"The bopping blob you'll want for Christmas! It's not just a yellow blob with a cartoon face stuck on it. It's a robot called My Keepon and it dances and bobs perfectly in time to the music you play it, and it's become the latest must-have gadget." Metro
"The robot, which has been a hit on YouTube, dances to music and responds to touch…'When you see it rocking out, you just can't help but love it,' Richard Barry, a vice-president at Toys R Us told the publication." Toy News Online
"Part of the fun comes from uncovering My Keepon’s reactions. Hit it on the head six times, for instance, and it will pop up and down six times while emitting a variety of R2-D2-like beeps and boops." Business Week
"We've been having a torrid affair with the Keepon robot since 2007, his simple yellow shape and unflappable adherence to the beat capturing our hearts." Engadget
"The Keepon robot that we first saw in 2007 was definitely something totally different from what we do know about robots, and with a price tag of $30,000, it was well out of reach of normal folks. Well, how times have changed after four years have passed – this little robot is now available for home use, and at a much more affordable price point - we're talking about just $40" Ubergizmo
"Everyone knew in their gut that Keepon would be an instant market hit, especially with the Christmas gift buying public, if the price could be reduced to under $50, but it seemed like an impossible challenge. That's where WOW! Stuff, a UK based toy development company came in. They have a passion for turning neat concepts, usually involving some unique technology or robotics, into marketable and affordable products." Robot Dreams
"This cute robot is around 10 inches in height and can dance and respond to touch…Toys R Us - the US toy retailing giant is betting big on My Keepon becoming the best selling toy of Christmas 2011." Squidoo